Learn how well you know your partner with the quiz

LOVE Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Here are few questions to ask yourself as well as your partner to learn how much you both know about each other.

1. Can you name your partner’s best friends- YES\NO.

2. Can tell you some of your partner’s life dreams- YES\NO.

3. Can tell you about your partner’s basic philosophy of life- YES\NO.

4. Can you tell your partner’s favourite movie or music?-  YES\NO.

5. Do you know your partner’s favourite dessert?- YES\NO.

6. Can you name some of your partner’s favourite place?- YES\NO.

7. Can you tell what your partner like about his\her work?- YES\NO.

8. Do you know what food your partner does not like to eat?- YES\NO.

9. Do you know what your partner is most proud of?- YES\NO.

10. Do you know what your partner is most insecure about? – YES\NO.

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