Actress Jayshree Soni is one stunning personality who always impresses with her performances onscreen. Jayshree is now back after a hiatus with the show on Dangal 2, Professor Pandey Ke Paach Parivaar. She is a travel freak and loves to explore newer destinations.

In a candid chat with, Jayshree talks about her travel choices.

Check them here.

Travel by plane, car, or boat – What do you like?


Your most memorable travel was:

There are so many, but Jaipur to Bhutan by road trip and Melbourne to Coober Pedy trip by road are my favourites.

Vacation spot you long to go:


Your favorite travel buddy:

My favourite travel buddy is one and only Mr Aditya, my partner in any crime.

Styled up or Casual during travel:

Depends on the mood, otherwise, I am fine with both

Your top three travelling essentials:

There are so many but during the lockdown, I travelled a lot by road to the whole of Australia in 2020 and 2021. I used to be ready with good packing for road trips. It comprised of a Camping bag, air mattress, food and drinks bag, with a sanitiser, tissue box and mobile charger.

Land, Hills or Beaches – your preferred choice:

Hills and Beaches

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

With someone

Any road trip experience:

There are N numbers of experiences of road trips. I will send you by voice chat

Dancing, singing or eating – your favorite habit during travel?

All three