Ekta Kapoor, one of the leading tv producers in the industry owns a queen-size life. Starting from luxurious homes to some gorgeous cars and more, the star owns some of the biggest and most expensive assets in the row. That being said, Kapoor has recently shared a sneak peek from her luxurious home in Mumbai, here take a look

1. A gorgeous spacious living room

Ekta Kapoor and Tushar Kapoor’s gorgeous living room features some of the most expensive interiors and furniture. The room also has got some beautiful paintings hanging on the wall.

2. Spacious

Her home is quite spacious even to this much, that she often hosts parties at her home and invites the entire industry almost, leaving us stunned with the pictures.

3. Ekta Kapoor’s home speaks of royalty

With tints of golden and more, her home sparks with royalty and culture. Keeping all the beautiful sofas and others intact in the room, Ekta’s home looks perfect.