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Diljit Dosanjh ‘special meet’ with Ivanka Trump at Taj Mahal

One of the most highlight events of the month of February in India has to be the much awaited and anticipated visit of the American President Donald Trump along with his family. It is to be noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited the Trump family to India and this happens to be Trump’s first visit to India.

India being a vast country, it is effectively not possible for the Trump family to see and visit entire India and meet all its influential people. But seems like someone from Bollywood was extremely excited to meet Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. So much so that because it could not happen in reality, he chose to photoshop himself in a photograph with the lady herself. Wondering who we are talking about? Well, its our very own Punjabi munda Diljit Dosanjh. Check out –

Isn’t the whole thing hilarious? And guess what? Ivanka actually went on to respond to the singer-actor’s tweet. An absolute sport she is. Here’s hoping Diljit and Ivanka take it to themselves to meet in reality as well the next time its possible. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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