Beauty and Makeup secrets of Nayanthara

Remarkable Beauty and Makeup Secrets of Nayanthara’s Looks

When we talk about the south Indian film industry, the first name which comes to mind is the Lady Superstar, Nayanthara. She is an actress with beauty and brains and is successful in her career. She manages to pull off any role perfectly and comfortably. Just like any other actress, she believes in hydrating her body with water and fruits. She doesn’t miss her daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing and does it every day. She never steps out without putting on sunscreen.

She prefers ayurvedic products and prefers using those only. She oils her hair regularly and doesn’t skip it. She loves to do her eye makeup properly and she takes care of her eyebrows. Her signature look is nude lips and looks beautiful in it. She loves glossy brown lipstick. She has a very tight schedule but she manages to take care of her body and features. In makeup, she prefers to have a base before applying any makeup. And she likes to have simple makeup with beautiful and heavy eye makeup and lipstick on it.

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