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Cooloe no 1 faces the heat

Campaign to Boycott Coolie No 1 On Twitter

Varun Dhawan thought joining in the chorus of Sushant Singh Rajput supporters demanding justice for his mysterious death, would make Sushant’s fans happy.

But Dhawan’s clever strategy has backfired on him.

Sushant’s fanatical fan clubs are livid at what they see as a cheap trick to win fans for his forthcoming film Coolie No 1 which will now be on the digital platform.

After Gujan Saxena and Sadak 2, Coolie No 1 is the third proposed OTT film with star-children in the lead which is threatened with a boycott.

Varun’s friends feel he made a “strategic error” in joining the Sushant supporters.

“They saw what he was doing. We wonder who advised Varun to jump into the justice-for-Sushant movement so late in the day? Varun’s co-star Sara Ali Khan has done the right thing by keeping quiet,” says a co-star of Varun.

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