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David Dhawan talks about Varun Dhawan and girlfriend Natasha Dalal's marriage speculation

David Dhawan On Varun’s Marriage Speculation
Almost every fortnight, there is a new “reliable report” on Varun Dhawan’s wedding, venue, date and all. A new report tells us that Varun and his steady girlfriend Natasha Dalal would be tying the knot in Goa this summer.
When I touched base with my friend David Dhawan, he couldn’t stop laughing. “Not again. How many dates and venues will I hear for my son’s wedding? Every week I am told where and when Varun is getting married. They know it better than me.”
Getting serious, David says, “No, this latest date and venue are not true at all. You and I have been friends for years. When Varun gets married, I will personally call you up. Don’t believe what you read.”
David adds that the decision to get married is entirely the couple’s. “My wife and I will be happy, whenever it happens.”

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