The announcement of Gobar,a satire directed by ad filmmaker Sabal Shekhawat set in the cow belt about a vet who unearths a fodder sca, has its co-producers Siddharth Roy Kapur and Ajay Devgan very excited.

However one hears from sources in the know there is pressure on producer Ajay Devgan to play the central role and that he may eventually end up doing the needful.

The source informs, “The actor most suitable to play the rural vet who loves his cows too much to let them become fodder for a large-scale scam,is Pankaj Tripathy. But then the Siddharth Roy Kapur-Ajay Devgan production is looking at a commercially viable project. For this they need Ajay Devgan to step into the part.”

A similar shift of priority had seen Hrithik Roshan being signed to play Bihari mathematician Aanand Kumar when Pankaj Tripathi fitted the bill perfectly.

Devgan sounds excited enough about the role in Gobar to eventually play it himself.

Says Devgan, “The story of GOBAR! is at once unique, relatable, and incredibly funny, as well as gripping and entertaining to the point that I’m confident it will compel people to go to the theatres. We are very clear about the impact we want to make. We want viewers to laugh, relax, perhaps think a little bit and be entertained. The standard that Siddharth observes in content creation and filmmaking makes this collaboration very exciting for us.”