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Over the years the Hollywood film industry has gifted us with some of its best actors. These stars are loved not only due to their work on screen but also many other things. One such star we all know and love is Brad Pitt and we are here to tell you more about why we love him.

Things You Should Never Say To A Brad Pitt Fan

Brad Pitt is without any doubt one of the most loved actors in the Hollywood industry. The star was loved ever since he first appeared on screen and now has a massive fan following of millions across the globe. This fact does not really phase us anymore knowing what an amazing actor he truly is. He is loved for his intense acting skills and strong dialogue delivery that always touches the heart. He has contributed marvelously to Hollywood with great films like Fight Club, Mr and Mrs Smith and Ad Astra. While fans swoon over him for everything he does , there are also certain things others might say that will trigger them and we’ve listed below the things you must never say to a Brad Pitt fan.

1- Never tell a Brad Pitt fan that How To Train Your Dragon was not an emotional movie. This is mainly because this movie made Brad cry and fans couldn’t stop awwing once they found out.
2- Never tell a Brad Pitt fan that you don’t like that exact that he keeps changing his beard patterns as it is an unwritten rule that whatever beard pattern Brad goes for, he looks just as dashing in all of them.
3- Never tell a Brad Pitt fan that you dislike the candy Twizzlers as they’ll get offended becyase it is the favourite candy of their favourite actor.
4- Never tell a Brad Pitt fan that he simply consumes movies now by not going for the lead role even though he has a choice to. This is becyase Brad has certain things that eh looks for in a role and if he finds a role meeting that criteria he goes for it even though it isn’t the lead.

We hope to see Brad Pitt soaring to greater heights in the future too. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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