Check out what Miley Cyrus prefers to eat on her ‘cheat days’!

OOPS! This Is What Miley Cyrus Eats On Her ‘Cheat Day’

Miley Cyrus, the renowned American actress, singer, and songwriter, has dropped a number of amazing songs. She has got all her fame from the days of the Disney TV show, Hannah Montana (2006 – 2011). She is one of the leading pop sensations of the global music industry. Miley Cyrus has got a lot of love and support for her brilliant collection of songs, till the date. From a girl-next-door to the pop sensation, she is now a pure epitome of fire. Miley Cyrus is also best known for her bold and sexy looks. She has inspired many with her looks. She has maintained herself well.

Miley Cyrus has been spotted exercising and maintaining a proper diet schedule. Dated back in 2018, as per the Pop Sugar reports, she followed a completely vegan diet. But recently as per several reports, it is said that she has shifted to a non-vegan diet. But apart from her strict diet plan, Miley Cyrus has also got cheat days too. These are the days when Miley prefers to shift to some food and gets out of the strict diet plans. As per the Pop Sugar reports, Miley Cyrus follows a five days diet plan. These five days include cheat days as well. Her cheat snacks include smoothies and pizzas. She also prefers some non-veg meals as well.


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