Who is hotter between Taeyang and Kim Soo-Hyun?

Taeyang VS Kim Soon Hyun: Who Is HOTTER?

Over the last few years, South Korea has been absolutely dominant when it comes producing and launching some of the most talented artistes whom we have in the world at the moment. From the popular K-Pop music culture to popular South Korean TV shows and series, thanks to globalization, content is no longer restricted to any geographic boundary which is why people all around the world can watch and admire art coming from all around the world. Two such artistes hailing from South Korea are none other than Taeyang and Kim Soo-Hyun.

While Taeyang is one of the leading solo musicians and singers, Kim Soo-Hyun’s success as an actor over the last few years is absolutely exemplary. TV shows like My Love From The Star, Dream High, Real & a lot more have established him as a leading heroic figure from South Korea. Both Taeyang and Kim are extremely dashing and good-looking personalities and the natural charm which they are blessed with is the most attractive feature about the two. Both of them command a great presence on social media and everytime they drop a sexy photo on social media, the joy and excitement of their female fans know no limits.

Both are hotness personified as we can rightly call them so but readers, if you had to pick one among them as the hottest, whom would you actually pick and also why?

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