During a recent live concert in the UK, renowned singer Atif Aslam faced a temporary memory lapse when he forgot the lyrics to the classic Raj Kapoor song “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai.” However, the talented artist quickly turned the situation around with a clever trick.

Rather than letting the mishap disrupt the performance, Atif Aslam smoothly improvised to ensure a seamless continuation of the song. He cleverly repeated the catchy hook line of the track, allowing him to maintain the rhythm and keep the audience engaged.

Atif Aslam forgets Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai lyrics mid-concert

The crowd, recognizing Atif’s quick thinking and skillful handling of the situation, responded with enthusiastic cheers and support. This incident showcased Atif Aslam’s professionalism and his ability to handle unexpected challenges with finesse.

Here take a look at the video-

In the video, Atif Aslam can be seen momentarily forgetting the lyrics to a song but impressively managing to maintain the rhythm. The caption accompanying the video praised Atif Aslam for his ability to keep the music flowing despite the memory lapse.

Many were enthralled by Atif Aslam’s remarkable sense of rhythm and stage presence, leading them to express their admiration through fire and red heart emojis in the comment section. It also emphasized his strong connection with his fans, who appreciated his efforts and understanding that mistakes can happen to even the most accomplished artists.