Atif Aslam is the hit machine of the industry. But he also has some hits from Coke studio that we all must listen to

Atif Aslam: His Coke Studio’s 5 Best Songs That You Must Listen To

Atif Aslam is the one singer you can’t miss. He is the best we have got among the others. He has a different voice note to his songs that makes them more special and loveable. He can transfer and mold songs into whichever emotion necessary and the best part is he can relate to the hearts of people. It was his friends in college that persuaded him to go singing and try hands-on making it a career.

Atif Aslam and Coke studio have an incredible connection. He has sung a few amazing hits with the studio and they are sure not to be missed and deserves a mention.

Here are the top 5 from the Coke studio that was sung by Atif Aslam and is incredibly beautiful and amazing.

Wohi Kudha Hai



Kadi Aao Ni,


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