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Moving on can be challenging but rewarding. Hence, listen to these Atif Aslam's tracks and move on

Top 5 Atif Aslam’s Songs To Hear To Help Yourself Move On

Atif Aslam’s voice is like chiming bells. He has transfixed us on his amazing voice. The level of Atif Aslam is unmatchable, and a talent like his could never be recreated. And that is why he is in the hearts of everyone. Once you listen to him singing, his enchanting voice will bewitch you.

After breaking up, moving on is an intricate part. And while you are in quarantine, surely you will feel like mending things with your ex. And feel like going back, but yes, that is a bad idea that you are bound to regret later. Hence, move on and swear to yourself not to look back but just take those experiences as lessons. And with Atif Aslam and his cheering voice will make sure of that.

Though Atif Aslam started his career with his pocket money, today, he is one of the most famous singers in the music industry. Popular not just in India and Pakistan but also worldwide. He has also had a collaboration with several international singers.

Here are the best Atif Aslam’s tracks that will make you forget your pain and help you move on

Wohi Kudha

Paniyon Sa


Aaye Kuch Abr

Toota Jo Kabhi Tara

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