Check out the best ever catches by Sir Jadeja to date!

Revisiting The Best Catches By Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja, popularly known by the name, ‘Sir Jadeja’ is a great all-rounder Indian cricketer. He has mastered every skill required to play the sport – from batting to bowling. Fielding plays an important role in the game too. Sir Jadeja has ruled the international tournaments with his amazing skills, ever since he made his debut in 2012. Sir Jadeja is regarded as one of the best fielders in the Indian cricket. He has got a number of great and epic catches in his hands over the past few years. The team had always relied on him on his fielding skills. Jadeja has won the hearts of his fans and supporters with his amazing fielding techniques.

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Jadeja’s sharp reflexes and aerobatic skills add a plus point to his excellent fielding. There are many mind-blowing catches in the history of cricket that are taken by Jadeja. The catch from the 2014 2nd Test series match against New Zealand, in Auckland, is considered to be the best catch among the many amazing catches taken by him till the date. Jadeja took Brendon McCullum’s catch who had scored only 8 runs in 19 balls by that time. He took a soft jump in the middle of the field and to the shot by jumping in the air.

There are many more world-class catches by Sir Jadeja, but this is one of the top catches by him. Jadeja will be remembered forever by the Indian cricket fans and the critics for his wonderful catches.

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