The Apple iPhone has a number of protections designed to lessen any potential harm that could result from using particular functionalities of the device over an extended period of time. Sound Check is one of the features the business introduced for Apple Music on the iPhone. The Sound Check feature on the iPhone is only available for the Apple Audio app, and it aids in maintaining the same music volume regardless of the studio volume across all earphones or headphones attached to the device. This protects the user’s eardrums from suffering during music switching or playback.

According to the manufacturer, the feature enables playback volume adjustments to be made automatically, balancing high and low playback volumes. It only modifies the volume while the music is playing, leaving the original musical quality untouched. You can easily and quickly enable the Sound Check function for Apple Music on your Apple iPhone by following the instructions in this step-by-step guide.

Tap the “Music” option from the list when the app first appears. Turn on the “Sound Check” option switch in the Music Settings. I’m done now. You have successfully enabled the Sound Check option on your Apple iPhone once you have followed the step-by-step instructions in the aforementioned guide.

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