Ajay will be seen in an upcoming story of SAB TV show

Ajay Sharma to replace Deepak Bhatia in SAB TV’s Tenali Rama

Actor Ajay Sharma and his wife Malini Kapoor were blessed with a boy baby exactly one month back!!

And today, Ajay has accepted his first work after becoming a father!!


Yes, Ajay will be seen in an upcoming story of SAB TV’s Tenali Rama (Contiloe). He will play the role of a pirate and will don a Johny Depp kind of look.

We at IndianWikiMedia.com had earlier reported about actor Deepak Bhatia playing the role. However, we have now learnt that the actor has been replaced by Ajay.

A credible source tells us, “Deepak was unprofessional and backed out of the show at the last minute. Hence the change.”

We buzzed Ajay who confirmed the news saying, “Yes, this is a very interesting role. I had not taken up work for the last 3 months. Today our kid turned one month old and I have picked up this role.”

We had earlier reported about the character to kidnap Tenali.

Watch this space for more updates.

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