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The sets of Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mere Sai is abuzz with activity at all time with the cast and crew working together to showcase the life story of one of the most revered saints – Sai Baba. Along with the active crew, there are a host of animals present on the sets owing to the village set up. There is an adorable and handsome member on the sets who is everyone’s favorite! Most importantly, he is a constant companion and best friend of Abeer Soofi who plays the role of Sai in the show. He is a robust black horse named Badal who loves to frolic on the sets.

Badal is a fine looking stallion and loved by everyone, be it the crew or the cast everyone is eager to pamper him. While he gets along with everyone on the sets, his beloved companion is Abeer. Every time the young actor walks into the sets, Badal will follow him around and trot majestically along his side. Abeer is also very fond of Badal and tries his best to spend quality time with him during breaks. Badal is an integral part of the show as he is the one who draws the horse carriage for Kulkarni essayed by Vaibhav Mangle. Badal is an adorable horse who has won Abeer’s affection and the bonding is mutual, both of them have grown fond of each other. Abeer loves his playful antics on the sets and Badal loves the sweet treats that Abeer gets for him.

Says Abeer, “I wouldn’t call Badal a pet as it’s a privilege to share a strong bond of friendship with such a fantastic creature. He is full of energy and often trots around the set as we shoot. I am very fond of him and always  get treats for him – sugar cubes and jaggery. He is so used to getting treats from me that he will keep nodding his head till I walk up to him and give him his share of sweets. Badal is very playful and at times when we are shooting he neighs loudly as he craves our attention and loves to be petted. He is like a breath of fresh air for all of us on the sets.”

Tune into Mere Sai at 7:30 pm every Monday to Friday only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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