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I am bolder than Naina – Ashi Singh

Ashi Singh, of Sony show, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, is excited about the new phase in the story, with Naina and Sameer (Sandeep Maheswari), now entering college.

“There is a whole new energy. Now we don’t have school restrictions regarding seating of boys and girls. There is much more freedom, no more uniforms. Both boys and girls are free to dress well.”

Ashi, who has not attended much college herself, due to her acting preoccupation, says, “The situation back in 1990 was so different from today. Girls then could not apply too much makeup or even keep their hair open, without earning their parents’ ire, and glares in college.”

Ashi adds, “It is good to note that they are portraying things as they were 28 years ago. Many people who grew up back then write in saying we experienced similar situations.”

“I am really enjoying this stint for it is helping sharpen my acting skills. As this role is set in a period that I have no knowledge about, is a challenge. I have to work on my body language. Those times were different. In fact, I can say I am bolder than Naina,” says this20 year-old.

“Here, the challenge is a tad higher, for I am reprising my producer’s (Shashi Sumeet  Mittal) life, back in the 1990s; so I had to ensure that I got my part just right. I am glad that she and the fans like my efforts.”

Looking ahead, Ashi would be open for doing web series as well. “I am always on the lookout for juicy, interesting characters in any medium.” When we ask about doing bold stuff, she says, “While I have no qualms regarding the same, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.”

When asked about ratings, she says, “Although we always knew Sony numbers are low, yet we are doing a superb job in the pubic reckoning, as compared to other, bigger ratings shows.”

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