Star Bharat known for its engaging and fascinating material is becoming viewers favourite entertainment destination. The audience has consistently supported the underlying ideas of these presentations, whether they are fiction or non-fiction. The enticing show “Ajooni” from Star Bharat has the viewers glued to their seats, and it is sure to catch viewers’ interest.

In the on-going track the viewers will see a new journey of Ajooni played by Ayushi Khurrana and Rajveer played by Shoaib Ibrahim as they both will be hooked by destiny in a marriage which will unfold new aspects of their life. The auspicious knot will definitely tie the viewers to the characters as it brings forward a twisted narrative of a one-way love story. The marriage that has an uncertain motive, will bind the two polar opposite personalities of Ajooni and Rajveer together and it will be interesting to see how this relationship moulds itself.

Talking about the current track Shoaib expresses his personal opinion of marriage “Rajveer’s intense love for Ajooni draws them into getting married but my personal idea of marriage is very different. I believe that marriage is a two-way road. It is a very holy ceremony which binds two individuals together with love and trust. This relationship holds major importance in their lives and you cannot drive anybody into something so sacred. But the story of Ajooni and Rajveer brings a twist to a regular love story and entices the audience to know what will happen next, so to conclude I would just like to say that stay tuned to see where destiny takes these two characters.”

Ajooni and Rajveer’s marriage is a union of two people but what makes it different is their extremely opposite personalities. It is gripping to see where this offbeat story heads and the audience awaits the accomplishment of this marriage to witness the new phase of their lives.