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Avantika Hundal, Mihika of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein chats with Indianwikimedia

Acting keeps me connected to myself: Avantika Hundal

The girl with the million dollar smile, Avantika Hundal has mesmerized viewers with her portrayal of Aarushi Saxena in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya. The actress later went missing from being in action. The pretty girl is now on a spree to impress masses as Mihika in Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms).

In a chat with Indianwikimedia, she spoke about her journey, co-stars and more.


How has your experience been working with YHM?

The journey has been enthralling. It doesn’t even feel like it’s only been a year. I feel like I have been associated with the team from the beginning of the show. I especially want to thank Sandiip Sikcand sir our creative for keeping my track captivating throughout. My work keeps me well engaged all the time.

Mihika was one of the important characters in the show; so how difficult was it for you to get that connect with the audience?

My whole idea was to add my own flavour and intensify this character by keeping the basics intact. Obviously, it’s a risk when you replace someone but I have been very lucky. The audience gave me an effusive welcome and I really appreciate all the love. I guess I connected with them instantly.

Was there any pressure to take the legacy ahead?

Honestly, there wasn’t any pressure as such, as I don’t take any pressure when it comes to such things. For me the most consequential thing is my scene. If I do a good scene I have a happy day, a bad scene spoils my mood. Anything other than that doesn’t affect me. I am only interested in doing my job and going back home.

What according to you is the most interesting aspect of being an actor?

I feel being an actor is the best job in the world. You don’t have a monotonous life, everyday you are doing something different from yesterday. Acting keeps me connected to myself; every now and then I learn something new about myself. I am put in situations where my character has to behave in a certain way, so naturally my mind starts running and I think of how Avantika would react in that situation. I guess it’s all about finding the similarities and the differences between yourself and the character you are playing. I believe life is a journey of finding who you really are and thankfully acting helps me figure that out from time to time.

While you were away from TV what was keeping you busy?

My last show was on air for about 3.5 years. After that I wanted to explore myself on other platforms. So I did a couple of Punjabi films and also traveled a lot.

How is your bond with your co-stars on screen?

I have a great bonding with everyone, on screen and off screen. They are all my folks. We are usually chilling together on the weekends.

You have a huge ensemble cast. What do you think are the pros and cons of working in such an ambiance?

The good part of having a huge cast is that you actually get to know so many people and their stories. I am a good listener. So if I like someone I want to know everything about them. Thankfully I don’t dislike anyone here. The only bad part is the waiting game on set.

As an actor, what kind of a genre do you prefer the most?

I am happy doing any genre, but I think comedy is my forte. It’s simply a funny way of being serious.

What kind of a person is Avantika? Tell us about yourself.

Avantika is always intrigued about details. Whether it’s people or things, it’s the intricacies that fascinate me. Also I have recently discovered that I am not very bad with water colour painting, so that keeps my free time occupied these days. I am an avid film watcher and traveller.

Do you have any regrets in life?

A few here and there, but I have heard time heals everything.

Finally, are you single or in a relationship?    

It is the most frequently asked question, but I am single.


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