Ashish Sharma talks about playing warrior Prithvi Vallabh on screen

As actors, we portray life on screen: Ashish Sharma

Siya Ke Ram fame Ashish Sharma’s passion for doing quality driven work has kept him away from daily soaps. He is someone who has been applauded for his acting abilities and charismatic looks at the same time.

In an exclusive conversation with IndianWikiMedia, Ashish talks about his upcoming show Prithvi Vallabh (Writer’s Galaxy) on Sony TV and his preparation for the role.

“When I was offered the part, I was surprised and taken aback because I was working for something else with Aniruddh Pathak (producer) sir and later he informed me about Prithvi Vallabh. I was equally excited because the story and character were something never explored on small screen,” says the actor.

Talking about the preparation for the role, he adds, “There was a lot put in to prepare for the role. We were very clear that we don’t want to show Greek inspired physic and we wanted Indian look & feel. I transformed myself. I worked on my body for four months. I had to eat and exercise a lot simultaneously.”

So was he well versed with the story of Prithvi Vallabh, he avers, “I had no idea about Prithvi Vallabh. I learnt about him while filming and preparing for the character. Generally, very less is written about the warrior and people are not aware about it. And our idea is to tell people about the Prithvi Vallabh and his interesting & untold stories.”

From Chandragupta Maurya to Rangrasiya to Siya Ke Ram, Ashish has always portrayed intense characters on-screen. Now, the actor wishes to do a light-hearted show, “I would love to do a light hearted character but I, myself, don’t see such shows being produced on TV. We really don’t get this kind of content.”

Ashish shares his strength as an actor, “My strength as an actor is understanding of life. As actors, we portray life on screen. If you understand it, you are a true actor.”

He further says, “Thank you to all my fans for loving me all this while. My fans have been waiting for me to be back on screen. I hope my fans support me in my new journey too.”

Good luck Ashish!

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