Popular heartthrob, Vivian Dsena gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com wherein he talks about his career. Read details here.

I have had an amazing journey from being known by my character name to personal name: Vivian Dsena

It’s been 11 fruitful years of super-stardom for the popular actor Vivian Dsena.

Vivian who won hearts initially for his vampire role in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani reached pinnacle of success as the Superstar RK in Madhubala. He is now entertaining one and all with his remarkable display in Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

In a conversation with IWMBuzz.com amidst his busy schedule, Vivian talks about his career highs and lows, and much more. He claims that the biggest learning that he has derived in life till now is to ‘never give up’.

Says Vivian, “My experiences have made me a better person. It has made me capable of distinguishing between the right and the wrong.”

Vivian who has surged ahead in the path of success through sheer hard work does not have a role model in the industry. “I have learned that one cannot survive in this industry by only being an actor. One has to be technically strong and aware of a lot of other things as a performer. You have to have a command on the language in which you are performing. You need to know your job completely. There should not be any question regarding your job and work profile that you cannot answer.”

Ask him what success and failure means to him and he is quick to say, “Success and Failure are part of the journey I believe in. I always work towards it. I somehow believe that you never lose; you always learn. I purposely consider that either I will win the battle or I will learn something or the other through the entire process.”

Vivian has had an enriching journey playing the role of Harman in Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. “The journey has been excellent. The concept was risky and unique. We are glad that it has clicked well with audiences.

On the kind of role he will want to explore, he quips, “I have explored different characters in different shows. I have never played Sherlock Holmes or a role that gives me the edge as a detective. This is one role that has always kept me intrigued as an artist.”

Last but not the least, Vivian sent out a special message for his fans. “I simply love my fans. I am grateful for such a response and I also love their admiration. My fans are the people who have made me. As an actor, one always looks forward to the moment where he gets known by his personal name and not by the characters played. So I think from the journey from my character name to Vivian Dsena, my fans have stood by me as my backbone. I would say they keep working hard as I do everyday. I love my fans.”

Aww!! Be blessed, Vivian!!

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