Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya: Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is one of the most entertaining yet thought provoking slice-of-life shows on television today. It has been winning audience’s hearts with its interesting way of highlighting and dealing with social issues. As the show progresses, the creators are building storylines to reflect the various social aberrations that most women have confronted at least once in their lives. The past episodes of the show dealt with one such rampant issue that women face regularly in our society and the show offs a different take on it. Sumeet Raghavan, who plays Rajesh Wagle, shares his perspective on how playing a father on television has impacted his take on women’s safety:

“I think being a parent is one of the trickiest and most rewarding experiences an individual can have. In real and reel life, I’ve had the honor of being a father to my lovely daughter, Deeya and of course Chinmayee Salvi on Wagle Ki Duniya. Fathering a daughter is an extremely delicate journey as they are the hardest to let go off. Our recent episodes shed light on a very prevalent women’s safety issue and they are of utmost importance to me. As a parent, I believe it is vital for us to not only protect our daughters, but also educate our sons. We need to set good examples for our children to ensure they contribute to society in a positive light.” says Sumeet.

“Women’s safety has always been something we’ve struggled with as a community and raising awareness is a key step in eradicating the problem. Until people don’t realize the discomfort women go through on a daily basis, they won’t make the effort to change it.” he adds.

Sumeet firmly believes that we should listen to the women in our lives when they’re uncomfortable and make sure we address their concerns and make them feel heard. He also stresses on the fact that families should be a safe space for people to talk about what they’re feeling and share their emotions. “Education begins in our homes. We must teach our children to be respectful and aware of their surroundings. As a father, I will always look out for my daughter’s safety, but I’m sure if we work together, we can make the world a safer space for our women. We don’t pay enough attention to how they’re made to feel, and it is high time we did. Together is the only way we can make it possible.” he reiterates.