Actress Ashi Singh, who was Naina in Yeh UN Dinon Ki Baat Hai series, is a household name for her cute looks and good acting skill.

Ashi Singh is every man's dream girl. Here's why

Although the show has ended, the couple of Sameer and Naina played by Randeep Rai and Ashi Singh together popular as Samina has carved a special place for themselves in the heart of audiences. This romantic serial was based on the era of the 90s and had a very realistic approach, simplicity and the tickling feeling of love guided and progressed by clich├ęd things like cards, flowers, and handwritten letters.
Ashi Singh is every man's dream girl. Here's why
Ashi Singh who is a girl next door has played a simple girl called Naina Agarwal in the serial who focus on her family and studies. This quintessential girl had a thousand dreams in her eyes just like a female of her age.

Ashi has played an understanding girl who emphasized on the family values and emphasized the importance of family ties.
She portrayed in the serial that even without physical intimacy, love and romance can be expressed through eyes and without words which is so uncommon these days.
Ashi Singh is every man's dream girl. Here's why 2
Also, the series had reference to the issues like family pressure or inter-caste disputes. It dealt with sensitive issues like how the families used to underrate their daughter’s academic achievements as she was considered only good for managing household after the wedding. It also talked about how the menstrual cycle was viewed as a social taboo and how nepotism affected a career.

All these facets in the characteristics of Naina are effectively and perfectly played by Ashi. she is an example of a simple girl when she was school going in serial, beautiful and innocent when she was in love with Sameer and passionate and determined when she worked at her boutique to support her family. All these together made her heartthrob of millions of young boys who find a dream girl in her.

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