I have a very bad track record with Valentine’s Day: Adnan Khan aka Kabir of Ishq Subhan Allah

Adnan Khan talks about his Valentine’s Day memories, his thoughts on love and much more. Read it right here at IWMBuzz.com.

I have a very bad track record with Valentine’s Day: Adnan Khan aka Kabir of Ishq Subhan Allah

He’s young; he’s handsome and he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the telly industry at the moment!!

Well, we are talking about Adnan Khan the lead of Zee TV’s popular show, Ishq Subhan Allah produced by Creative Eye.

As Kabir, Adnan has been entertaining audiences and his amazing on-screen chemistry with Eisha Singh aka Zara is certainly worth a watch.

This Valentine’s Day, Adnan will have a working day and will spend quality time with his on-screen partner Eisha on the sets.

Talking about Valentine’s Day, we at IWMBuzz.com get to talk to Adnan about his thoughts on the ‘special day’.

“It is certainly a special day. But I have had a very bad luck with Valentine’s Day in the past. Believe it or not, I have had only two Valentine’s Day dates in my life. One was a massive failure and the other was a success. So with this bad track record, I really love the idea of it, but considering my personal bad luck, I have a fear for the day,” Adnan says as he shares his feelings.

Being a bachelor, we ask him about love and the feeling of being loved and he quips, “Love is a special feeling. I would cheer love all the way. I believe that love is not limited to only marriage partners or boy friends/ girl friends. It is a beautiful bond that connects any two people, whether it is between two friends, mother and father, or mother and son. What I believe is that love is the ‘sign of God’. This is one thing science cannot explain. Intercourse is for reproduction, eating is for survival, breathing is for oxygen intake and so on. Everything has a reason, but can you tell me why one loves people who are dead or who are to be born? This is the strength of love and I call it as the sign of God.”

Ask him about the need to have a soulmate and he says, “I have two beautiful women in my life, my mom and aunt. They give me so much love that it will last for 10 lifetimes. But yes, I am not going to look for my soulmate. If I find her, I will be extremely happy. But I believe that it will happen to me at the right time.”

On the one attribute he will want his better half to have, Adnan states, “I am not thinking about it. But the only thing I will demand from my life partner would be to have a clean heart.”


And on his Valentine’s plans this year, he quips, “I will spend time with my on-screen partner. I don’t have an offscreen partner, so I will gift my mother a red rose (smiles).”

How cute!!

Do you agree with Adnan’s thoughts on love and being loved? Drop in your comments here.



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