Krishna Mukherjee who is seen in the role of Aliya in Yeh hai Mohabbatein gets into a conversation.

Bengali girls are more advanced than their counterparts in other Indian states: Krishna Mukherjee

Krishna Mukherjee, currently playing Aliya in the Star Plus super hit show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM), would love to play a double role next, a Bengali or Punjabi character.

“The Punjabi kudi should be hep and the bong gal, the shy type. This would be so like me as I am a Bong, brought up in Panju land (Ludhiana). This unity in diversity makes India the best.”

When asked to compare both people, she says, “I should not say this, but people in our Land Of Joy are more advanced. Sadly, most girls in the Granary of India are married off by the time they hit nineteen.”

“Apart from education, Bengalis are also attuned to art and music, given our Rabindranath Tagore heritage. But yes, Punjabis are very large-hearted,” says this gal, who has also done Naagin 3.

But with all this talk of Bongo naari being forward thinking, there is some silly talk which says that they are too easy. “Well, I am not; and you can’t generalize. Not all five fingers can be the same, right?” “While personally I am not too bold, many of my fellow cast gals in the industry (also Bengali films and web) have no qualms in doing hot stuff on screen. The best part is that they are able to carry it off so well. Guess it all boils down to self- confidence, just like you have nudity and love-making scenes in the west, but they appear natural and not forced.”

Like all bongo lolonas, she too loves the Baluchari saree. “I always wait for Durga Puja to adorn this nine yard wonder with our unique draping style. Any girl looks beautiful in a bong saree, even sans makeup. I also love the Sindoor Khela and other married women rituals.”

In closing, we ask her about the possible end date of YHM. “We have not been told anything and continue to shoot as we normally do.”

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