Bhakarwadi is about two families that have a ‘sweet and sour’ relationship: Akshita Mudgal

Akshita Mudgal who plays the lead girl in SAB TV’s new show Bhakarwadi talks about the relevance of the title to the concept.

Bhakarwadi is about two families that have a ‘sweet and sour’ relationship: Akshita Mudgal

Professional dancer turned actor Akshita Mudgal who came into the limelight with Dance India Dance will now play the lead role in SAB TV’s new show, Bhakarwadi produced by J.D. Majethia’s Hats Off Productions.

For the young girl, this is her first big opportunity at showcasing her acting prowess in TV fiction in the lead role.

Akshita has earlier been part of many episodics, and has featured in movies Mr.X and Brothers. She’s been part of a movie down South.

On TV, she played the parallel lead role in Half Marriage and Mitegi Lakshman Rekha.

Describing her lead role in Bhakarwadi, Akshita states, “Gayathri is a very sensible person, a pure soul and soft at heart. She likes to spend money on the people who are in need and is also family-oriented. She’s the very next door, sweet and nice girl.”

“My expectations are very high for this show. There is huge hope that this show will rock it. JD Sir and Aatish Sir are phenomenal and have given lot of successful shows. They are the best in the industry. This show has power in its concept and it will do well.”

Ask her about the title Bhakarwadi and its relevance to the concept and she states, “Bhakarwadi is supposed to be a sweet dish which is khatti as well as meethi. In the same way, the show has two families wherein the ideologies and thought process of the elders in the two families do not meet at all. They are poles apart just like being khatti and meethi. And the young boy and the girl from the two families fall in love. So this show is all about the situation that arises between the two families wherein they are sweet and sour, yet are bonded together with love.”

Wish you all the best, Akshita!!


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