Candid chat with Ratan Raajputh

Bigg Boss contestants play the game of their own volition: Ratan Raajputh

TV actor and Bigg Boss 6 contestant Ratan Raajputh can’t really understand the moral fuss over this big ticket Colors reality show.

“Why is everyone raising such a hue and cry over what the contestants are doing or not doing? Don’t we all know that none of it is real and all r playing their respective games? Have we all not seen it before, where inmates who get inimical to each other inside are the best of friends outside. Neither have most relationships which were formed inside lasted long, once out.”

“Having said that, let me make it crystal clear, Bigg Boss is NOT scripted. The inmates themselves binge watch previous seasons, and act in a manner (fighting and creating relationships, etc), which they believe will appeal to the audiences.”

“Here again, the choice of content you put out to stay in the race (to be seen in 45 minutes) depends on you. Like in my season VJ Andy  too  provided  entertainment without going down the abuse route.”

“My family too has Bigg Boss buffs. Although we had recently gone on vacation, they would still return to the hotel room in time to check out the daily action. So we have to accept that they (makers) have got the pulse of the audience,” says Ratan, who had also got engaged on an NDTV show, Ratan Ka Rishta, with tech guy Abhinav Sharma.

“That too was not scripted. Over time, we realized that we were not destined to be together.”

Your take on the current season drama?

“Not having watched season 13 much, I will refrain from commenting on any one. I guess I have already said a lot above. For me, the main magnet to watch Bigg Boss is and has always been host Salman Khan. I am his big fan.”

“Each show has a unique DNA. Bigg Boss is not a sanskari show by any stretch and we all know it. So if you still tune in, then don’t blame Endemol Shine (producers) and Colors.”

“Naysayers just turn the tube off, which will automatically compel the makers to change track,” says Ratan, who is planning a big TV comeback after a break. Her last show was Jai Santoshi Maa on &TV.

“And yes, let’s not kid ourselves that Bigg Boss is highly voyeuristic. We all love to know what is happening in our nighbours’ pads.”

Talking about her month long journey in Bigg Boss back in 2013, she says, “I don’t know what happened to me inside. I just went into my shell. If you want to survive in the house, my template should not be followed.”

“To be honest, I had told the makers that I am not fit, but then they told me that I was there. I was also told that there was no need to change myself.”

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