Bin Kuch Kahe’s on-set ambience is very positive: Shamata Anchan

Shamata Anchan talks about her working experience in Zee TV’s Bin Kuch Kahe

Bin Kuch Kahe’s on-set ambience is very positive: Shamata Anchan

The strikingly beautiful and super-talented Shamata Anchan, who mesmerized audience with her acting talent in Star Plus’ Everest, is currently enchanting viewers as a journalist Myra Kohli in Zee TV’s Bin Kuch Kahe (brainchild of Ram Kamal Mukherjee and Rajshree Ojha).

Shamata is glad to be part of this light hearted show, which doesn’t dabble in too much drama.

“It’s an amazing experience working for the show and shooting in Jaipur for it. We have a great bonhomie on the sets. There was also a tradition that whenever the director used to say pack-up, we used to play a song and dance for 5 mins and then go to our respective rooms. We are not only on set but off-screen family too. The on-set atmosphere is also very positive,” shared the actress.

The beautiful damsel is open to work in all genres. She said: “I don’t mind doing a web-series or a movie in any genre or language. If the role is good I am okay to do a Telugu movie too.”

Shamata is a journalist in the show, so we ask her if she was told to ask questions to the following people what she would ask…

Your co-star Sameer Arora – How does it feel working with Shamta Anchan? 

Kapil Sharma – So, all good with your co-actors? 

Ashutosh Gowariker – When are you planning to make your acting comeback? 

Ranbir Kapoor – Are you single? 

We must say Shamata, you can be a brilliant journalist.

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