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The Serial which portrays out the Breakup’s and Make-ups between a pair is what makes the serial more interesting to watch. Here are the Break-ups and Make-ups between Karan and Preeta and through that how their relationship evolved over the years.

Break-ups & Make-ups: How Karan and Preeta’s relationship evolved over the years

There is always that one couple on-screen, with whom we instantly fall in love with and absolutely love in every scene, every episode and even start looking them up off-screen! One such couple that has recently caught our attention is the adorable Preeta and Karan from Kundali Bhagya.

Their Fights, Love, Romance, Nokh-Jokh is all loved by the Audience and have grabbed the attention of many viewers. The duo is absolutely loved by the audience. The Jodi is the epitome of an ideal couple and has shared bang-on chemistry on screen. The pair shares an impeccable bond and has great chemistry. They share a love-hate relationship on screen.

Break-ups & Make-ups: How Karan and Preeta's relationship evolved over the years 2

This Jodi started off as strangers than friends to best friends and now married to each other. They had a superb evolution in the relationship with lots of Break-ups and make-ups. Karan and Preeta are shown to be apart from each other due to various reasons but there is some other bought up and they are seen together.

Initially, they were always in conflict with each other because of these very contrasting personalities of theirs but now these characters seem to have realized that opposites do attract. Since the beginning Preeta finds Karan to be the man who is extremely egoistic while Karan sees her as someone who only knows how to talk a lot and is not much fun. This is the main and cute reason for their break-ups and small little fights but then their bonding is what makes them together. There is a further turn of events in the lives of these characters and situations get even more complicated. However, the characters jump through hoops and bounds to resolve it.

Break-ups & Make-ups: How Karan and Preeta's relationship evolved over the years

Their major break up is the recent one during Rishab and Sherlyn wedding when Preeta due to saving her mother cannot get back to Karan and stop the wedding of Rishab and Sherlyn and Karan finds some pictures regarding Preeta supporting Sherlyn and Karan End-up insulting Preeta and they stop talking to each other but there is major plot twist that follows, Karan and Preeta are finally married and we cannot help but notice how happy and adorable they look together! This is probably how it feels to be united with your lover, in a true Bollywood fashion.

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