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Nimrat Kaur who plays the lead Meher in Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni gets into a candid conversation with IWMBuzz.com. Read it here.

I can proudly say that I have understood Meher of Choti Sarrdaarni quite well: Nimrat Kaur

Nimrat Kaur who has very conveniently gotten into her debut role of Meher in the Colors show Choti Sarrdaarni is happy that she plays a role that has quite a lot of range and scope to perform.

Says Nimrat, “It is a great achievement to play a role that has so much of scope. I get to touch so many chords in the same journey. Meher is the right example for a 21st century woman. She is grounded at the same time, is headstrong. She is very black and white and there is no grey for her. Her honesty reflects in her eyes and that’s the best part about her. She takes on situations and does everything whole-heartedly. She is rooted to her culture, and is Godly too. I like the fact that whatever be the circumstance, Meher is ready to go to any extent to save her child now. Choti Sarrdaarni gives the right message to women.”

On the tough path that Meher has seen, Nimrat states, “The problems that Meher has seen and the way she has seen them should not happen to anyone. I am glad that I have taken this character to such a level that I can proudly say that I understand Meher as Nimrat. She had dreamt of living a life with Manav (Hitesh Bhardwaj) for nearly 4-5 years, and also dreamt of moving forward with their kid. With Manav gone, her last connect with Manav lies in his kid that she carries. She sees a glimpse of Manav in her unborn kid. It reflects the love that she had for Manav. The show also depicts the strong motherly instinct and proves that a mother can do anything for her child. For Meher, marrying Sarabjit (Avinesh Rekhi) is not a compromise, but a solution as this is the way in which she can save her child.”

Ask Nimrat whether there exist people like Kulwant (Anita Raaj) and she states, “Very frankly, I hope Kulwant does not exist in real life. However, there exist so many cases of honor killing and the crime rates are so high that we are sure of Kulwants existing in the society we live in.”

Nimrat Kaur has always been passionate about being an actor. However she also had the zeal to pursue law. “When school ended, I joined law. I finished my law school when I had a lot of offers for work. The year I was born, that was in 1994, Sushmita and Aishwarya made the country proud with their Miss India and Miss World achievements. That was when my father would brag that he would make his daughter compete in Miss India if she has a good height. This was where my modeling career started. I was in the top 12 last year of Femina Miss India last year. I was a State winner from the Manipur state. I am not a Manipuri by origin, but with my father being in the Army, I got the honour of representing Manipur. After Miss India happened, I preferred to look into my acting options. I wanted to give six months to work into becoming an actor. The script of Choti Sarrdaarni was so good that I found a lot of potential in this role.”

Nimrat Kaur finds herself lucky to be shooting with a lot of thespian actors in the show. “I feel very blessed because Anita Mam, Avinesh, Hitesh and Amal have had their own journeys. I am happy to be amidst such accomplished people. The key to becoming a good actor is to observe and thereby gain more knowledge. So everyday is a learning curve for me.”

Wish you all the very best, Nimrat Kaur!!

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