Candid chat with Ankita Mayank Sharma

During my long stint as a journo, I have spoken to many actors, but Ankita Mayank Sharma, currently doing new SAB TV show, ‘Beechwale – Bapu Dekh Raha Hai’, comes across as a whiff of fresh air.

While talking to her, you feel her genuine excitement towards her craft, unlike the fake conversation that we pick up from a mile away.

“I am loving playing this brand-conscious middle class housewife. If her friend points out that her second-hand cell phone has a scratch, she will say, yes, I had rubbed my diamond ring against it.”

“Hailing from Delhi, I know of several similar people who also don’t accept their middle class status. I picked up the typical mannerisms from my college friend, who would always claim to only frequent high end boutiques, yet, one day, we caught her street shopping.”

Personally, Ankita claims to be a very simple gal. “I am not brand crazy and will pick up anything anywhere that takes my fancy.”

Ankita, whose first big show was Sawaare Sabke Sapne…Preeto, has been lucky to get to play various genres. Having also done vampish roles, which arre very challenging but rewarding, this is her first tryst with the comedy genre. “But yes, bringing a smile to somebody’s face is the best gift anybody can get. Life becomes a breeze and you don’t feel stressed after a hard day at work.”

Coming to her own comic timing, Ankita says, “It has definitely gone up a notch, with my friends also accepting that my punches have become better. But here, I will give full credit to my writers and director who help to hone our skills. We all improvise a lot and any positive suggestions are immediately acted upon.”

Besides TV, Ankita would also be game for web series, but she would draw a line at doing bold stuff. “I can’t do anything that will make my parents or husband uncomfortable. I am not making a judgement call though; to each, his own.”

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