It is very often that we see telly couples on Indian television that makes us blush. But one such couple who stands out from the rest is Zain Imam and Shrenu Parikh and we are here to tell you more about why this couple is our absolute favorite.

Why we can’t stop rooting for Zain Imam and Shrenu Parikh

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna is without any doubt one of the most-watched daily soaps on Indian television in current times. This show has been a gift to us ever since it was first aired on the telly. Fortunately, the show has also given us fans our favorite telly couple.

It is none other than a couple of the telly hunk Zain Imam and the lovely Shrenu Parikh. This couple was shipped together ever since they made an appearance together. In the show, Zain Imam plays the role of Kabir Mittal while Shrenu Parikh plays the role of Pooja Sharma and they both do it commendably.

The show is loved for its original storyline and unexpected plot twists it keeps having. However, one of the biggest reasons why we fans watch this show has to be the couple. There is something so undeniably beautiful about them being together that it makes us wish for something similar to happen for ourselves is fair to say that it is the chemistry between the two of them that draws us towards the show. In fact, if we wouldn’t know any better, we would assume that the two are dating in real life too. This couple has played a big role in redefining romance, mainly romance after marriage.

We wish to see more of a couple of Zain and Shrenu together on screen in the future. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favorite celebs.

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