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Candid chat with Krishna Bharadwaj

The change from Rama to Bhaskar has been drastic: Krishna Bharadwaj

Artists undergo several changes to attain the look and the essence of a character. One such phenomenal transition has been witnessed in Krishna Bharadwaj who shaved his head regularly to perfect the legendary titular character of Pandit Rama Krishna with grace on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama. This talented artist, with the season refresh – Tenali Rama: Bhaskar Adhyay, is now essaying a double role in the show as Bhaskar, Rama’s son and the transition has been nothing but extraordinary and life-changing for Krishna.

Sharing his thoughts about the transition in the show, Krishna Bharadwaj said, “I feel authenticity is the key. I was nervous before but I decided to shave my head for my role previously to bring the essence of the character to life. Now that I have received the opportunity to portray Bhaskar, I have started growing my hair back to stay true to my role. The changes have been drastic and I thrive under such challenges.”

Bhaskar’s look has been curated keeping in mind the 25-year leap in the show. He belongs to the next generation who is young and full of life and the outfit resonates with it. The color palette and the detailing in Bhaskar’s outfit are vibrant which gives him youthful and fresh energy. The draping style used on Bhaskar is quite modern and unique. It has been chosen to keep in mind a young man’s lifestyle and hence Bhaskar’s draping is done over the shoulders to keep his hands free for movements. The jewelry is chunky which gives depth and edge to the outfit.

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