Chintu has died in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, but my contract has not ended: Aru K Verma

Aru K Verma who plays the role of Chintu in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji gets into a conversation about his character’s death in the show and lets out few surprises too.

Chintu has died in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, but my contract has not ended: Aru K Verma

Aru K Verma has this uncanny knack of winning hearts of viewers with his work!! He has been appreciated for his performances in movies Love Express, Jab Harry Met Sejal, 2 States, Bezubaan Ishq, Wedding Pulav etc.

On the small screen, Aru has been seen in It’s Complicated and Begusaraai. And now as the adorable Chintu in Star Plus’ show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji produced by 4 Lions Films and Invictus T Mediaworks, his portrayal has been top-notch.

Well, Aru will certainly be missed, with his character soon to breathe his last in the show!! From the time has reported about this upsetting news, there have been huge reactions coming from fans!!

And we certainly did not want to miss out on talking to Chintu aka Aru about his fabulous journey with the show. And you have to read till the end, as he states of a huge surprise happening too!!

Says Aru, “Playing and creating Chintu has been a phenomenal experience. This is one of the characters which I have enjoyed the most. I am not exaggerating it when I say that there are lot of constraints that you have to follow while playing such a character. Bringing the right emotions on screen is like controlling the muscle memory. It was fun doing it everyday.”

Ask him what makes Chintu special and he is quick to say, “For me, just to create a person who is like me but not exactly like me was tough. Chintu is the eldest in the family and I am also the eldest in my family. Chintu was someone who took charge always, and I am also a person who will take charge always. Bringing elements of the elder brother was easy; but getting elements of a constrained and conservative elder brother, at the same time a guy who has the flamboyance was difficult. When such a guy meets this girl Happy and wants to be vulnerable with her, the moment was indeed special.”

Aru enjoyed great time on the set with co-actors Ansh Bagri, Jasmin Bhasin. “Working with Ansh and Jasmin was a brilliant experience. I would say working with the whole cast was great. Everyone is so passionate about working. We used to enjoy our roles and look forward to creating magic again the next day. I have never seen such enthusiasm, especially on a TV set.”

Well, at this juncture Aru opens up on a surprise element as he states, “Abhi bhi, picture main bahut kuch baaki hai. Chintu has died, but my contract has not ended (smiles). Let’s see what happens. I don’t know what will happen but you never know, the fallen angel might rise again. It is something that we as a unit thought that it should come as a shock to everyone. The best part was that the plan was executed nicely.”

Ask him whether he knew about Chintu’s death from day one, and he confides, “Yes, when I was offered this role, I was into couple of others projects. I met the Producers and concerned people in the production and they said that they wanted to create a character which has not been created on TV. They wanted to create a guy who is loved by everyone, and when everything is going fine in life, he just goes off. They plan to keep things moving, wherein I will keep coming back in some way or the other. I will not get into details (smiles). I was already prepared for it.This aspect actually motivated me more to showcase Chintu and bring him into more dynamics. His relationships with every character should look very distinct was what came to my mind. I have been lucky and blessed to have played Chintu.”

Prod him more on the way he would come back and he bursts out with laughter saying, “There should be some room for surprises, isn’t it? Like I said, I have already been briefed about what has been conceptualized. People will be shocked to see what happens next. This is not a stagnant show. The pace of Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is very quick. The idea is to show a story in real time, and this is what the Producers Gul Mam and Nilanjana Mam wanted. This can happen to anybody. But all said and done, the theme of the show is Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji. So watch it for yourselves (smiles).”

I can only say this again, ‘Abhi toh trailer khatam hua hai, baaki picture abhi hai dekhne ko!!”

Having said this, Aru says that he will miss being in the character the most. “The thing that I will miss the most will be the presence of Chintu in Aru’s life. When I used to go to the set, sit in my room and read my lines, and get to the shoot mode, the feeling was surreal. I had got this feeling only when I was shooting for Jab Harry Met Sejal with Shahrukh Sir. So creating something like Chintu was brilliant. I will miss being him. I take home good memories, as Aru was sometime in his life, like Chintu.”

Stay blessed, Aru!!


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