In conversation with Anuraag Arora

Continuing to play one character for a long time leads to saturation and stagnancy: Anuraag Arora

He is dynamic and brings a certain flavour to his performances, which lends gravitas to genuinely.

We are talking about nuanced performer, Anuraag Arora, whose recent stint in the show Yeh Pyaar Nahi To Kya Hai (Sony TV) has earned accolades among TV watchers.

However, his stay will be cut short with him breathing his last in the plot.

“My character Prabhakar is one of the best I have played till date. I am a Delhi bred boy, and the since the show is based in the capital city, the synergies became seamless. I knew that my part would be short lived, but an impactful one,” says Annurag in a chat with

Furthermore, diverse and versatile Annurag shares with us that he believes in the philosophy of ‘variety is the spice of life’.

“It’s good that I have made an impression with my short stint. It also allows me to take up other roles and add variety to my acting repertoire. Continuing to play one character for a long time leads to saturation and stagnancy,” he adds.

Anuraag has been around for some time now (Fukrey, Raees, et al) and feels that these days, specially for newcomers, opportunities are galore, and though smart, they are also ‘humble and respectful’.

“Age is just a number. The biggest barometer is your acting acumen, which matters the most.”

Annurag ends by stating that ‘web platforms’ indeed have opened up new doors of opportunity and he too is looking forward to his ‘digital ventures’.

We wish him well.

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