Neelu Vaghela, who is popularly known as Bhabho from Shashi Sumeet Production shows Diya Aur Bati Hum and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji on Star Plus, feels that any daily show performer or actor should receive a big salute.

“It is very difficult for a daily soap actress to juggle between work and family. In a movie, you give one shot and it is good to go, but in a daily soap you have give the same shot for five times. You get drained by end of the day. It was really difficult for me as I came from a film background. I had to read 4 pages for master shot, mid shot and close shot. Initial 15 days were very difficult for me but it was a learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it,” says the veteran actress.

Talking about her working experience for Tu Sooraj, she shares, “It is a new team, from cameramen to the director to actors. There is freshness in the show. It is a very helpful and sweet team. I feel Diya Baati had its level which was quite high. Comparatively, Tu Sooraj has just started growing. However, Diya Baati was already established and completed numerous episodes. People expected the same cast but we are trying to give something new to the audience with a different storyline and cast. I understand that audience will take time to accept us but I am thankful to Shashi Sumeet and Star Plus as they took this challenge for their Diya Baati fans.”

She continues, “We have a loyal audience for Tu Sooraj. Now, it is on prime time so we hope for the best. Audience had a mindset of watching Diya Baati at 9pm so when there is a change in anything we normal human being take time to adapt. Audience might be little angry too as their favourite Sooraj and Sandhya are not part of the show. Bhabho and the family are completely changed but now they are trying to accept the new team. Audience should take thing positively, if we see anything in negative way, we will never like it.”

When we ask does she miss Sandhya Bindni aka Deepika Singh in the second season, she smiles, “I do miss Deepika Singh in the show. Sandhya and Sooraj (Anas Rashid) were two precious souls in Bhabho’s life… so definitely I miss them.”

Finally, Neelu, who is an inspiration for many women, feels proud about the same.

“I feel good when I learn that I inspire women but I am myself incomplete. I have learnt a lot from my character Bhabho. Audience also learnt about my personal life during Nach Baliye. They saw how Bhabho is in real life.”

We wish her all the best.