Dheeraj and I share household chores - Vinny Arora

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Dheeraj and I share household chores – Vinny Arora

The beautiful and vivacious Vinny Arora, who was on a marriage break, is now back with a bang. She has just entered Colors show, Laado 2. “I play the character of Juhi; lead character Anushka (Avika Gor) is not only taking shelter in her house, but also taking on her identity.”

“There is much that is unknown about Juhi- what she does and why- which will unravel over time. I was waiting for a multi-layered comeback role. Hence, when this came my way, I grabbed it with both hands.”

But she does admit that ratings of Season 2 are not great. “But these things are not in my hands. We can all put in our best, leaving the rest to the audience.”

Would you be open to web series? “Well, right now, Laado takes all my time. But down the road, if something interesting comes along, why not. Digital gives you freedom to do stuff which TV does not. Having said that, I can’t go bare. I am just not comfortable and neither do I have the confidence to carry it off. Kudos to those who can.”

Talking about her long career, she says, “It has been both sweet and sour. While some shows like Aathvaan Vachan and Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg really gave me a chance to exhibit my acting chops, a few others did not come out as planned. All said and done, I am happy, as this is just the start. Also, since my personal life is now settled, I can pay full attention to my career.”

Good that you broached marriage,   how is it treating you? “Good! Dheeraj (Dhooper) and I both share household chores. There is no major change, for we agreed to walk down the aisle only after getting to know each other. There are small things though, that we were unaware of about each other, not having lived in. For example, he has an OCD, while I take things easily.”

“Honesty is one of the most important things that make a relationship tick. I know of a few industry couples who went their separate ways due to the same. Last but not the least, we should never take the other for granted. He or she deserves our full respect and attention.”

We wish her all the luck and success.

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