Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya are two of the cutest and adored beauties that we have in the Indian TV industry. Their romantic journey has been quite an amazing one indeed and well, it certainly proves the fact that even in today’s time, true love does exist in this planet. Despite having all the busy schedule that they are mostly packed with in their daily lives, they love to spend quality time with each other whenever its possible. Well, that speaks volumes of the love and commitment that they have towards each other as a married couple. While Disha is a leading actor in the TV industry, Rahul, on the other hand is a loved musician who consistently likes to be part of music concerts and shows. Together, they make a lovely couple indeed and their content together proves the same.

Let’s check out the latest that’s happening in the lives of Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya:

So, to tell you all a little bit about Rahul Vaidya, Disha Parmar and their latest social media content, what do we currently get to witness? Well, in her latest social media story, Disha Parmar can be seen flaunting a lot of swag with perfection while wearing sunglasses and at the same time, she’s also seen hilariously troubling her better-half aka Rahul Vaidya by playing with his hair. Well, do you want to check out what exactly is cooking at their end? Here you go –

Disha Parmar is busy in self-admiration, tries annoying hubby Rahul Vaidya 811835

Disha Parmar is busy in self-admiration, tries annoying hubby Rahul Vaidya 811836

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