Rishina Kandhari talks about her glowing skin secret

Drink lots of water to make your skin glow: Rishina Kandhari

Ravishing Rishina Kandhari is a beautiful soul, her debonair demeanour and courteous mannerisms make her a cut above rest. Not to mention, her laudable talent in performing arts, making her a favourite among masses.

Rishina has wowed one and all with her acts in hit television shows namely Tenali Rama, Uttaran, Yudh and movies like Ek Villain and Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3 is someone who is beauty conscious and takes care of her skin.

“Leading a balanced life is paramount for me. My mantra is to keep myself healthy, specially from within,” says Rishina to IWMBuzz in an exclusive conversation.

Rishina has a glowing skin. How can her fans get a skin like her? “The beautiful belle spills the beans.

“Eating right is very important to feel good from within. I eat lot of fruits and drink adequate water. It’s challenging to maintain food eating cycle but we must eat on time. I don’t eat anything post 7pm. It all leads to a glowing skin. Also sleeping right is important.”

Impressive, indeed…moving on…so does she believe in the idea of ‘beauty from within’? “Well, it’s all about discipline that we follow for our well being and healthy life. We are actors and we apply make-up. So, it is important to remove and clean properly the make-up before going to sleep. My dear fans, who are reading this, eat right, sleep well and keep the energies positive, you will glow from outside,” ends she.

Rishina, keep up the good work. She believes in the idea of beauty from within. Readers, When you are happy from inside it reflects outside too. However, skin needs to be equipped well to help withstand myriad assaults it encounters everyday. Glutathione is one such nutrient which is responsible for healthy and glowing skin along with its many other benefits. It is body’s own produce which is also known as The Master Antioxidant. As we age body stores of Glutathione deplete significantly and skin is stripped off with its essential protection. So is the case with every other organ of our body. Taking glutathione is helpful to restore the lost reserves and the improved levels helps skin to regain the glow and elasticity.

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