Candid chat with Toral Rasputra.

Doing emotional scenes is easier than doing comedy: Toral Rasputra

Class actor, Toral Rasputra, who recently got divorced, has no plans to find love again.“Right now, I am busy with work, but you never know what may happen down the road.”

As opposed to most other bitter partings, Toral, who is part of new SAB TV show, Namune, which started last weekend, says, “Businessman, Dhawaal, and I are still friends. Why should there be any ill-will? Sometimes, two people come to a position where they can’t be happy living together.There’s nothing wrong in moving on then.”

Talking about Namune, she says, “This is my first tryst with the comic genre, having done youth (Dhoom Machaao Dhoom), social (Balika Vadhu), and yes, last but not the least, my other ongoing spiritual show, Mere Sai, which has just taken a leap. I feel it is easier to enact emotional scenes than making someonelaugh. The other big challenge is to get the scene right in one take, given certain technicalrequirements.”

“After a long time, SAB TV is opening its weekend band with Namune and a reality show, India Ke Mast Kalandar.”

“Our Manish Raisinghani co-production is based on the characters of a well-known Marathi author, P.L Desphande. I am playing the sweet wife, Bhairavi, of insurance agent, Niranjan (Kunal Kumar), who is always cribbing about life. The biggest quirk inthe show is that the author talks to my on-screen hubby from his statue. No one else can see or hear him, so it appears that he is blabbering to himself. Child artist Saloni Daini plays one of my children.”

“Through our light-hearted stories,we wish to show that it is very important to enjoy the small pleasures of life.”

“What I really like about this 26-episode series is that I am getting to learn so much from senior artists who make episodic appearances (Parsh Gantara, Sushant Singh) as the namuna, who not only are the spice of life but also teach us in the bargain.”

Looking ahead, she would want to explore different characters on TV, not just the saas-bahu type. While she would not mind trying out web,“being a simple girl, I have certain limitations as an actor and person. I would not be comfortable in very bold characters. I am not really in the rat race; happy with my own pace.”

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