Arshi Khan talks about Bandagi Kalra and Gauhar Khan and how they are wrong.

Ex Bigg Boss contestants like Bandagi Kalra and Gauahar Khan hypocritical to the core: Arshi Khan

Just how popular Bigg Boss 13 has become is proved by the fact that ex-season contestants are getting into the fray, giving their 2 pence, which in turn is eliciting responses from others.

Take for e.g Season 11 inmate Bandagi Kalra, who tweeted the following on the entire recent Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz fracas, where apparently Asim defended his middle class background from Paras’ elitist attacks.

Reading this above Bandagi tweet, fellow season inmate Arshi Khan also jumped into the fray with the following retort

In a bid to understand what made Arshi, who has her birthday today, say this, we touched base with her. She said, “I have not named anyone while taking a dig at an ex-contestant’s doublespeak. During their time, they themselves would either demean or slut shame others, and are now acting holier than though on social media. Even during my time, certain inmates did pass snide comments on my cosmetics,” says Arshi, who has a big project coming up. She has also done an item number in a film and an upcoming web series.

But when pushed on the lipstick thing, she said, “Yes, while I am targeting Bandagi, even Kamya and Gauahar Khan are equally guilty.”

“We all know what happened to Tanisha Mukerji in Bigg Boss 7. Gauahar Khan, who is now sitting in moral judgement on social media about disrespecting women, did not say a word when Kushal Tandon abused, pushed and threw garbage at Kajol’s sister. I had tweeted back on the same to her.”

“Now Paras is playing the same game as Kushal, so why not extend the same courtesy to him as well.”

“Here I wish to clarify that while I don’t support Paras, such things do get said in the heat of the moment. Also, let’s face it, Paras is feeling the heat seeing the attention of the camera shifting to Asim,” ended Arshi.

Bandagi and Gauahar refused to join issue with her.

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