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I have experienced varied emotions as Vidhaan, which I am yet to taste in real life: Shubhashish Jha

Cute TV actor Shubhashish Jha is very happy at the growth of his character in Star Bharat show Jiji Maa (Jay Productions).

Says Jha, “I have got to experience totally varied emotions which I am yet to taste in real life. At first when we went on air, I was playing a rich happy go lucky guy. Back then I was not sure if I could pull it off, but luckily courtesy my team, I managed to pull it off well.”

“I have been very lucky to get great set of co-actors like Pallavi Pradhan (on screen mom Uttara Devi) and Rajesh Balwani (Shom, Uttara Devi’s manager). You learn so much from them; the best part is that they are very open to help you out if you need guidance. Then came my character Vidhaan’s romantic part with Niyati (Bhavika Sharma) which Uttara Devi opposed, for she hates Niyati’s sister Falguni (Tanvi Dogra). “However the real acid test came with the suicide track due to his mother opposition. It was a very tough week for I often ended up carrying the agony of the character home,” he states.

“Thinking of taking one’s life is a harsh step, but you need to understand what he was going through. His mother who had had told him that she will take care of all his needs did a volte-face when he wanted permission to marry his love. For once he saw his mother’s true colors; she was not what he thought her to be, so was completely at sea. Here I must doff my hat to the writer Mr. Mayur Puri; when I read the suicide track dialogues my eyes went moist. The scene when he met a poor woman and her kids in a way save his life, and he gives all his money to them was a top-notch scene.”

Shubhashish is enjoying the tracks that are playing right now, and looks forward to a longer journey with the show.

All the best, Shubhashish!!


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