Candid chat with Ashi Singh

Fans might kill my date, jokes Ashi Singh aka Naina of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Ashi Singh, of Sony show, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, has a message for a certain section of her fans, who keep intruding into her personal space. “While I appreciate your love, I don’t like being told what to do or not.”

“They want me to date co-star Randeep Rai, but we are just good professional colleagues, nothing more. We have a good on-screen tuning and regard each other as helpful co-artists.”

Talking funnily on an incident, she says, “My fans text my male friends, asking them to stay away from me. As a result, I can’t even post pictures with them. Without knowing the real deal, they start online bashing. Recently, there was an incident with my show’s associate Gaurav. The fans went after him, thinking that he was harassing me, but it was nothing like that; he is a good friend.”

What will happen if you really start to date someone? She jokingly replies , “They might kill him (laughs).”

Ashi, who is currently shooting her on-screen shaadi, is not contemplating marriage yet. “Right now, I am too busy in my career.”  Here she does admit that marriage can sometimes act as a road block in a woman’s career. “For, certain families might demand that the girl call time on work after marriage or childbirth.”

When we ask to describe her ideal guy, she says, “If you had asked me this question two or three years back, I might have said tall, dark and handsome; but right now, I just want someone with whom I can connect heart to heart. Whether he is from the industry or not is also secondary,” she ends.

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