Sana Maqbool Khan is excited about her new show, and is working hard to do a good job.

I feel my comic timing is weak and I am working on it: Sana Maqbool Khan

Beautiful actress Sana Maqbool Khan eagerly looks forward to the launch of her new show on SAB TV titled Aadat Se Majboor. Sana will play the role of Riya, the feature writer with a magazine ‘City Chakkar’. She has recently returned to India to create her own individual identity with her hard work and perseverance. In reality, she is the daughter of the owner of the publication house.

Sana who never wanted to do the saas-bahu saga was impressed with the concept for it had the freshness. “I get to play my age in a time when actors don’t get to play their age at all. All these factors majorly influenced me to take the show,” explains the actress.

Sana has had a good outing down South with her movies in Tamil and Telugu. And this comeback vehicle has the genre of comedy, is what excites her more. “According to me, comedy is not easy. You can’t make people laugh forcefully. Comedy does not come naturally to me either. So it is really difficult for me to cope up with the other actors. Everyone on the set has a good comic timing. I feel my comic timing is weak and I am working on it. This show will help all of us to grow as comedians.”

Talking about her preparations for the role, Sana avers, “Riya and I are very alike. To feel the character, I started reading books to understand how journalists write. I also had to work on my Hindi as Riya speaks Hindi very fluently and my Hindi is not that fluent. In spite of this dissimilarity, I can relate to Riya a lot. The only difference is that she is not from India and still has fluent Hindi and inspite of me being an Indian, I am not that fluent.”

Lastly, on the chemistry with co-actors, Sana quips, “We are all of the same age. We are friends; we chill out and have fun on sets. The vibe on our set is totally different and positive. It is fun to work together.”

Do a great job, Sana!!

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