Salman Khan talks about COVID-19 scare

Find out why ‘Bigg Boss’ Salman Khan is scared of KISSING?

Salman Khan, the dynamic superstar, who is all set to host the upcoming season of Bigg Boss on Colors, is scared to shoot during the pandemic.

Today, during the virtual press conference of Bigg Boss 14, Salman said, “I am scared to shoot but I love working and happy to be back. I am scared with the noise of sneeze, cough and also scared to kiss (smirk).”

He also mentioned, “I am scared because we have a new born at house, my niece (Ayat Sharma). Also we have my parents, Helen aunty. If we contracted the virus, they might also get it and that is scary. ‘Apne liye itna darr nai lagta, apno ke liye lagta hai’.”

Well said, Salman!

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