Piyali Munsi who will be seen essaying a double role in SAB TV’s Tenali Rama talks about this opportunity.

It has been fun to play a double role in Tenali Rama: Piyali Munsi

Actress Piyali Munsi has been keeping busy with her recent role in SAB TV’s Tenali Rama (Contiloe). She also shot for an episodic tale in Colors’ paranormal show, Kaun Hai?.

Working in Tenali Rama is a never-before experience for Piyali as she dons a double role in the comedy series.

Says Piyali, “I play the roles of Bhajini and Sajini. Both of them are twin sisters, and have very similar features and look. They are different in approach and attitude; while Bhajini is a renowned singer, Sajini cannot sing. However, both of them have come up with a combined plan which will build up the coming story.”

For Piyali, it was a tough task to put on the two roles, not only because of the different look and attire, but also because she had to shuttle between sets for her scenes. “Yes, the look is very different for Bhajini and Sajini. Tenali Rama has two different sets, which are parallelly placed. So while one shoot was happening in one set, the other happened on the other set. So I had to switch places, get into the different look and attire. It is a rarity that actors get to play double roles in shows. So this was a blessing in disguise for me. Also, the best part about the roles is that both of them have several shades to portray. When they are together, they are totally different. And when they come out before others, their nature is totally changed. So it has been real fun shooting for it.”

Way to go, Piyali!!