Pooja Banerjee talks about her new show Chandra Nandni.

Getting ready for a historical show is very tedious: Pooja Banerjee

Bong beauty Pooja Banerjee, who started her career as a contestant in MTV Roadies Season 8 and entered into the world of television. From Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum to Naagarjuna – Ek Yoddha, the actress has come a long way.

The thespian, who is currently enthralling audience as Vishakha in Star Plus’ Chandra Nandni, says getting ready for any mytho or historical show is very tiresome.

“I feel everything about a show is good but getting ready for a historical show is very tedious, it is time consuming. But if you like getting ready then you will love it. In my current show, I love my entire look but I like my lenses and hair the most from my look. I am glad being part of the daily,” said the actress.

Pooja bagged the role within 24 hours so she couldn’t prepare herself for the role. She shared: “I had very less time so couldn’t prepare myself for the character. However, after doing 1-2 episodes, I understood that I need to work on few things. I talk very slowly in real life but for the show I need to speak fast so I worked on that. Sometimes audience feel that it is not my voice but a dubbed one. However, it is my voice and it sounds little different.”

The actress is happy that she is not getting bashed by the fans, “Surprisingly, audience is enjoying, my role and they are telling me that even if I am playing an evil character they can’t hate me,” averred Pooja.

Although Pooja and Shweta Basu Prasad are on-screen enemy but off-screen they are good friends.

“I and Shweta share an amazing connection. We bond over Bengali food and have a lot of fun.”

We hope your bond remains strong.

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