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I am going on a break; not quitting Aap Ke Aa Jane Se: Priyanka Purohit

Talented actress Priyanka Purohit, who is leaving no stone unturned to entertain audience as Bhumi in Zee TV show, Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, is glad that audience is appreciating her talent in the show.

Priyanka shares, “The experience of playing a negative role has been very nice so far. I love all the appreciation messages that I have received from fans. Both positive and negative characters have their own charm. However, you get to enact a lot while playing a negative role than a positive one. But I enjoy both.”

She continues, “I played a negative role in Krishndasi. However, audience accepted me more with this role. I am happy that the audience accepted me and appreciated my work. I got a pat on my back from my friends and family members too.”

Priyanka has gone on a break from the show. She adds, “The show is currently planning some creative changes hence my character is not needed in the upcoming story line. Hence, I am on a break from the show. As soon as, the makers feel the need of my character I will come back to entertain the audience.”

When we ask if she plans to do another show during her break, she quips, “No, as it is New Year and everybody is on holiday mood. I too plan to utilise the break time to relax myself. I am going to Rishikesh to spend some time travelling.”

Sharing her connection with the team, she says, “I am close to each & everyone on the set. There is a lot of positivity on the set. Suhasi (Dhami) is like an elder sister. I have Karan (Jotwani) for a long time so I share a good bond with him. The team got emotional when I told them that I was going on the break. They all bid a warm good bye.”

All the best, Priyanka Purohit.

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